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WebSci ‘12

Call for Proposals to Host ACM WebSci ‘12
4th International Conference on Web Science

The ACM SigWeb and its WebSci steering committee are seeking statements of interest from organizations or consortia interested in hosting WebSci 2012, the 4th Int. Conf. on Web Science, an event that gathers a multidisciplinary audience consisting of people from the many fields that comprise Web Science. We expect that the 2012 edition will be held in spring 2012.

Organizations wishing to host WebSci 2012 should contact the chair of the steering committee, Dame Prof. Dr. Wendy Hall (via her administration manager Susan Davies: sdd(at)webscience(dot)org) who will work with the steering committee members to co-ordinate the bidding process for WebSci 2012.

To assist the Steering Committee in deciding upon the location for WebSci 2012, we would be very grateful if you could let us have a brief description of your proposal.

While we do not need full details at this stage, as much information as you can supply at this early stage will be appreciated. To help you formulate your proposal, please note the following points:

  • Information about previous WebSci conferences can be obtained from their corresponding websites: http://websci11.org, http://websci10.org, http://websci09.org
  • WebSci is a mid-sized conference with a targeted attendance in the order of 150-300 people
  • WebSci ’12 should be held in spring 2012, however disjoint from related conferences such as WWW or disciplinary conferences in computing or social sciences.
  • As an indicative view of the program, you may refer to the tentative scheme given for WebSci ’11 at http://www.websci11.org/program/. The meeting is single track comprising keynote talks (two to three), panels, submitted abstracts and a very active poster session open for a large number of presenters.
  • The conference should include daily lunches (on-site if possible) and a conference banquet and/or reception.
  • With respect to financial arrangements, ACM is the conference sponsor and handles most of the money. ACM may handle the registration (though this is not a requirement) and the publication of the proceedings. The local organizers typically will need to advance some money, for local costs, which are then reimbursed by ACM after the meeting. In formulating your proposal, it would be helpful if you could try to address as many as possible of the 9 points below. It is understood that some of these matters may be somewhat premature at this stage, and we certainly do not expect a lengthy, complete proposal. We would like to get as accurate a “feel” of your proposal as we can.
  1. The name of the host institution and the affiliation, position, and co‐ordinates of the contact person as well as a short summary about previous experiences of conference and/or workshops organization.
  2. The dates you suggest for WebSci 2012, with alternatives if you wish.
  3. The proposed location of the conference, and whether this is a hotel, a university, a research centre, or other?
  4. Brief information regarding the conference facilities, meeting rooms, catering facilities etc.
  5. Whatever details you can give of available local accommodation. Hotels? Suitable student accommodation?
  6. Some details of transportation – how can your location be reached and will local transportation be needed/provided?
  7. Any special budget conditions (see above remarks regarding ACM's handing of finances).
  8. Any other details or information that you feel might be helpful.
  9. Finally, if the need arises, could you in theory as an alternative host WebSci 2013?

Please feel free to communicate with us at any stage if you have any questions whatsoever regarding WebSci ‘12. We would be very glad to elucidate any of these points or to offer any suggestions during the formulation of your proposal. We would like to receive responses to this CFP within a four-week time frame and are thus setting

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

as the deadline.

Note that keeping costs down is an important part of attracting a broad audience, especially graduate students, from multiple fields and hence will be given specific consideration when comparing different proposals.

Please send proposals to Susan Davies, sdd(at)webscience(dot)org. We would also appreciate an early notification of your intention of responding to this CFP so that we know roughly how many proposals to expect.

With best regards,

Dame Prof. Dr. Wendy Hall
also on behalf of the WebSci steering committee